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Insta of the Week: The Sickest Photos from Frieze London

From 3D nudes and rainbows to a surreal 'Wheel of Fortune,' there's a lot worth seeing at London's 2015 Frieze Art Fair.

This week Frieze Art Fair hit the streets of London, hard, offering a cornucopeia of sculptures ranging from hyperreal to abstract, kinetic installations, optical illusions, and light art. Ai Weiwei, Olafur Eliasson, Louise Bourgeois, John De Andrea, Jon Rafman, art collective ÅYR, and more had works for sale in the 11th iteration of Frieze, which will enthrall London art collectors and enthusiasts through Saturday, October 17. Here are the sickest pictures from the swarm of Instagrammers who converged on the rainbows, 3D nudes, and pop culture icons that ruled the fair this year.


via @jmchayes

Find more photos of Frieze Art Fair London on Instagram.


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