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Desert Topography Gets Warped into a Spiraling Audiovisual Experience

Ouchhh abstract the dusty and mountainous topology of the American Southwest into a hypnotic and immersive experience.
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Istanbul-based designers and animators Ouchhh have created a projection-mapped homage to the landscapes of New Mexico, abstracting the dusty hills, canyons, and mountainous scenery into swaths of black and white geometric shapes that rush over the viewer.

The piece, called H OM E OMOR PH ISM, is an immersive audiovisual performance mapped against the curved surface of The Digital Dome at the Institute of American Indian Arts in New Mexico. "Our goal is to re-define New Mexico’s topographic map by projecting abstract visual representations on primitive objects," explains Ouchhh. "The primitive geometric 'cube (in two cubic towers at the top of Visual Arts Center Building), dome (Digital Dome at the Institute of American Indian Arts) and prism (an installation that will be in Centre of Contemporary Art)' will involve a complex morphological and geometrical representation of the information contained in natural images." The piece has also been presented at two other venues.


The term "homeomorphism" relates to topology and refers to a "continuous transformation… between points in two geometric figures or topological spaces that is continuous in both directions." The group took the varied topology of new Mexico—Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, Colorado Plateau, Basin and Range Province—and distilled these into basic geometric forms of lines and planes, circles and spheres, triangles and cones, building these shapes and objects into intricate animations for an encompasing architectural experience inside the arched walls of the dome. "These shapes actually are a powerful abstraction of reality" Ouchhh explains, "so we need primitive objects to give a form and understand the complex structure that exists in nature."

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H OM E OMOR PH ISM was also presented at two other venues. To find out more about this and other projects, visit Ouchhh's website.


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