Sorry But Your House Party Doesn’t Quite Look Like the One in Zayn’s New Video

The visuals for his PARTYNEXTDOOR collab “Still Got Time” have arrived.
April 21, 2017, 10:41am

Honestly, if you were to look at my camera roll the morning after the night before, you'd probably find a combination of the following: five blurry shots of my double chin from when I drunkenly tried to send a Whatsapp and failed, one very dark photo of me with my arm slung around a round-faced woman who I do not know but could be called Jessica and two shaky videos of me screaming and chasing a fat ginger cat I met down Hackney Road at 2AM on the walk home. That is as lit as it gets.


All of which is to say, Zayn Malik—who used to be in One Direction but now wants to be Usher—has released a new music video for "Still Got Time" featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR and it's like hazy iPhone footage of the all parties you wish you were at last Friday. In it, a bunch of hot people in nice jackets make out with each other, smoke weed, spray paint the walls, and roll around the floor. Zayn also somehow manages to make vomiting look Instagrammable, which is impressive, and there's a tiny monkey! On his shoulder! And some inflatable paddling pools! Delightful.

(Lead image by Hamza Rana via Wikimedia)