Mean-Mugging Willie Cauley-Stein Blocks Dunk From Behind


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Mean-Mugging Willie Cauley-Stein Blocks Dunk From Behind

Willie Cauley-Stein blocked the life out of this Alandise Harris attempted dunk and could barely believe the guy even tried it.
February 28, 2015, 9:45pm

Both Kentucky and Arkansas are playing a fast-paced first half in Lexington and early in the first half, Willie Cauley-Stein trailed Arkansas as they pushed up the court. He almost swatted away a pass, but missed and continued on his way to the rim where he pinned a would-be dunk from Alandise Harris against the backboard. After the block, Harris went to the floor and Cauley-Stein just looked down upon his vanquished as if he could barely comprehend why this person would even attempt something as ludicrous as trying to score on his rim.

Adding further insult to…well, the initial insult: the ball went off Harris' hand and possession went to Kentucky.