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[Premiere] The Artists Making Social Media into Art

This week’s issue of FELT Zine features creepy-cute conceptual artworks by the trio known as TOTOYUYUMOMO.

Every Saturday, Creators premieres a new issue from net art platform and artist collective, FELT Zine.

The 30th issue of FELT Zine, premiering today,is a departure from traditionally digital publications, marking the net art platform's first venture into photography. The surreal, internet culture-inspired scenes featured this week are a collaboration between artists Tom Galle, Moises Sanabria, and John Yuyi, together as TOTOYUYUMOMO. Their fast-paced conceptual art ranges from websites to mobile apps, photography, VR, and 3D video.


The trio met online and became close as admirers of each other's work until last summer, when they got together and began working out of Sanabria's studio in New York City. Within those three months together, the group came up with some of the viral collaborations featured in this week's issue, including the Macbook Selfie Stick, Tinder VR, and the Netflix and Chill Airbnb room.

The resulting work is oriented towards an audience that feels just as comfortable interacting online as off-, and feeds into both the ecstasies and anxieties surrounding contemporary internet culture. A blend of humor and critique pepper works like iPhone box clogs and iMessage temporary tattoos. As Sanabria tells Creators, "It is art to be seen first online and on social media, not in the gallery or museum. We always think in those terms—if we create physical work, our thinking will always be how it will translate on social media." Galle says the trio's work falls mainly under the board term "internet art" because it's often a "commentary or insight on internet behavior and consumption—or on contemporary technology in general." Galle, Sanabria, and Yuyi, all have their own ways of talking about these subjects, but when they make work together, these different modes of communication form a cohesive, comprehensive body of work. Check out the rest of FELT Zine #30 below:

Check out the 30th Issue of FELT Zine here. To check out more work by Tom Galle, head over to his website. To learn more about John Yuyi's work click here, and be sure to follow Moises Sanabria on Facebook.


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