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This Guy Ate Vinyl Because Kendrick Lamar Didn't Release an Album on Easter Sunday

The internet, everybody.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

On Friday, Kendrick Lamar finally released DAMN., a triumphant fourth album that sees him on the form of his career. Kendrick enlisted features from both Rihanna and U2, making the album kind of untouchable. However, after its release, the internet was awash with rumours that a second Kendrick album, titled NATION, was going to follow it on Sunday – "damnation" and Easter, geddit?

This, despite the clues, didn't transpire, much to the chagrin of one Reddit user, CousinTyrone, who posted in /r/kendricklamar stating that if another album didn't drop on Sunday 16 April, he'd eat a vinyl copy of good kid, m.A.A.d city, Kendrick's second studio album. Welp.


CousinTyrone seems like a man to come through on a promise, and come through he did. Behold, a grown man eating plastic blended together with ice cream because of internet hubris:

Doesn't he look exactly how you thought he would?

His method of choice was to blend up the record and then strain it out, resulting in a horrible vinyl milkshake. For shame. Hopefully we'll still get that NATION. though. Just don't go placing a potentially gut-altering bet on it for now.

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