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From the Members of The Chris Gethard Show's House Band Comes Hiccup

Late night's favorite misfits have started a power pop trio and man oh man are they catchy.

Indie rock bands do not usually form as the result of their members having met when they happened into the same cast of a late night television show. That is, however, the genesis story of the Brooklyn, NY outfit Hiccup. Co-songwriters and vocalists Alex Clute and Hallie Bulleit (formerly of The Unlovables) are also members of The LLC, The Chris Gethard Show's island-of-misfit-dorks-turned-talk-show-house-band, penning countless 30-second bursts of pop punk mania, to segue between sketches and bits on the show.


"Eventually after playing together and not really having the ability to be too precious or protective over the songs we were writing for the show due to time constraints, we thought, hey, maybe this can translate into something similar but with more of a lasting impression," Clute explains.

This love and skill for penning melodic yet frenetic songs in the vein that the Ramones pioneered—and bands like the Smoking Popes, the Exploding Hearts and the Lookout! Records roster expanded upon—led them to write the songs that would make up Imaginary Enemies, Hiccup's debut full-length album, which is available for pre-order via Father/Daughter Records and will be released on March 24.

The lead single, "Teasin'," has a pop-punk dual-vocal foundation, but also a murkiness and dissonance that hints at some of Belle And Sebastian's darker moments. Check it out below.