Put Cannabis in Your Christmas Roast


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Put Cannabis in Your Christmas Roast

'Tis the season for this juicy, perfectly cooked prime rib smothered in a chimichurri sauce made with garlic-infused weed olive oil. Expect merriment.

No holiday table is complete without a nice, big meat roast, front and center. You could grace your table with a goose with golden-brown skin, a crispy brined turkey with truffle butter, or a pile of Cornish game hens wearing edible Santa hats. Or you could make some prime rib that truly embodies the holiday spirit.

There's something a little bit special about this platter of juicy, pink beef. For starters, it serves 20, so we hope that you have a lot of hungry friends. Secondly, it rests overnight and then slow-cooks for four hours to reach tender perfection. But also, it comes with a chimichurri sauce that will most certainly fill the remainder of your evening with laughter and cheer.


It gets you high.

RECIPE: Prime Rib with Weed Chimichurri Sauce

Made with parsley, oregano, red chili flakes, and a fuck-ton of garlic, the sauce is verdant and flavorful, and the perfect accompaniment for the savory, salt-rubbed meat. But it also contains a full cup of garlic-infused cannabis olive oil, courtesy of Maya Elisabeth of Northern California all-female grow operation OM Edibles.

Perfectly cooked beef smothered in garlic and herbs that also gets you stoned out of your skull? Could there be a better gift?

And we all know 'tis the season.