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We Spoke to a Guy from the Restaurant That Serves Poo-Flavoured Curry

Japanese porno god Ken Shimizu’s Curry Shop Shimizu restaurant serves nothing but shit-flavoured curry. We called one of his disciples to find out why and how—but mostly just: what the fuck was he thinking?

Few things capture the human imagination better than shit. We think it, talk it, and produce it. I am sorry to inform you that your significant other enjoys sitting on the can while browsing Twitter on his/her phone.

But sometimes—as in the case of Japanese porno god, Ken Shimizu—people enjoy shit a little too much. After eating so much of it in his porn career that his taste buds apparently adapted to the taste, like all good entrepreneurs, Shimizu decided to set up a restaurant.


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The result is Curry Shop Shimizu, a restaurant in Japan serving nothing but shit-flavoured curry. This was, of course, a totally natural thing to do.

When the opportunity came up shoot the shit with Kei Matsunuga, one of the disciples of the God of Poo himself and spokesperson for Curry Shop Shimizu, MUNCHIES couldn't say no. We wanted to find out why, how, and when. We wanted to try it, to luxuriate in its earthy aroma, to be transported—like all cutting edge haute cuisine—into a world defined entirely by the delicious morsel gently melting on our tongue. We even got him to give us the recipe.

But mostly, we wanted to know what the fuck Ken Shimizu was thinking.

MUNCHIES: Hello. Excuse me. Sorry. What the fuck were you thinking? Kei Matsunuga: In Japan, it has often been said that curry and faeces are similar in appearance. Here, we have the ultimate choice: which would you prefer to eat, poo-flavoured curry or curry-flavoured poo?

This question bugged Ken and he did not want to die leaving the question behind. He thought this unclear feeling of his could be applied to everyone so he decided to open Curry Shop Shimizu to settle this question for everyone.


OK, sounds reasonable. Talk me through what human shit tastes like. Paint me a picture. Human faeces taste bitter because of bile, which is secreted by the liver and stored in the gall bladder. The food crumbs left inside faeces are tasteless. We assume that the taste of faces is relatively caused by the scent. Therefore, curry sold at Curry Shop Shimizu is extremely bitter.


First, the umami of vegetables and meat are removed to make it tasteless. As one important tip, we add kusaya, fermented fish into the curry. Right after putting the curry inside the mouth, poignant bitterness hits the tongue, and the strong faeces' scent comes up from the stomach to the nose.

Sounds delicious. Do your customers like it? Most customers say they had fun at Curry Shop Shimizu when they leave the restaurant. To explain this result, I guess they feel thrilled by trying unimaginable flavoured curry and [being able to] share the weird experience with other customers.

Customers enjoy seeing the reaction of other customers eating the curry. The curry plays an important role to make the communication among customers much smoother.

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So, it's a date place. We [also] have a lot of celebrity customers such as musicians and comedians well known in Japan. Also the number of customers from foreign countries has been increasing and some of them come to Japan only for Curry Shop Shimizu.

I'm booking my flights as we speak. But I'm not sold yet. How can you promise me the curry actually tastes like human shit? Where's the proof? Ken's very first job as a porn star was to eat two human shits. After that, he ate more than 250 shits for his job and also began enjoying eating it in his private life. This curry is based on real experience.


That sounds like a hell of a debut gig. Ken had been eager to be a porn star since he was a high school student. So he started hunting jobs and contacting porn companies. Only one company replied, asking if he could eat human faeces. He thought that he would lose a chance to be a porn star if he refused this offer. Even though he had never eaten shit before, he said yes to achieve my dream. Thanks to this offer, he became a porn star.

Where does the restaurant go from here? Do you have any other recipes to pull out your ass? We are planning to invent soy sauce made of pubic hair and actual poo curry made of the poop of silkworms.

You're going to feed people worm shit. I'm actually very down with that. But tell me, if you could pick one person in the whole world to feed shit curry to, who would it be and why? Definitely, Paul McCartney! He is a famous Japan lover. Ken's father loved him so by listening to his songs in childhood, he felt intimate to Paul. Paul got sick when he visited Japan as a part of his world tour so Ken would like Paul to eat his healthy curry and continue being energetic.

Last question. Can you provide our readers with the recipe so they can try it at home? Yes, the ingredients are onions, carrots, bitter melons, minced chicken, fish guts, kusaya [fermented fish], senburi tea, turmeric, cacao powder, bittern [a concentrated salt solution.]

The method is: Chicken and vegetables are chopped into small size and boiled to get rid of its taste and fish guts are minced in a food processor. The vegetables and chicken are then taken out of the water, senburi tea—one of the most bitter teas in the world—is mixed in with vegetables, chicken, turmeric, cacao powder, bittern, and minced fish guts in order. The kusaya are then grilled and added to the curry.

Amazing. Thank you so much for sharing. Thank you!