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Mick Jagger Doesn’t Remember Writing His Own 75,000-Word Memoir

Look, the 80s were probably a blur for lots of people.

Mick Jagger has lived A Life. As the frontman of The Rolling Stones, he's travelled the world tens of times over, with Keith Richards in tow, and this in itself must certainly yield some stories. And it appears as though in the 1980s, Mick had an urge to get it all on paper while he still could. He ended up with a 75,000 word manuscript about his life, which was eventually handed to publisher John Blake.  However, when Blake contacted Jagger to talk publication, in what may perhaps be the most 'Mick Jagger, Rockstar' move of all time, he couldn't remember writing it. Just a trivial 75,000 words. Nothing really, compared to all the gak and partying.  And though, as The Telegraph reports (for all of you who can't get behind The Times' paywall) it was initially intended to be published with a new foreword by Jagger. The plan then fell to the wayside, and now he's dead set against the book ever seeing the light of day. To soften the blow for hopeful fans, however, Blake has discussed some of Jagger's revelations, in an article for The Spectator. These include the admission that he bought the Hampshire mansion Stargroves while high (drug of choice: LSD), because rock and fucking roll, baby. Nothing more rockin' than property. However, Blake notes that overall, the manuscript "shows a quieter, more watchful Sir Mick than the fast-living caricature", and though we're unlikely to see it without Jagger's approval and stamp of authentication, it's definitely something to keep an eye out for in the future should it ever emerge. (Image via Wikimedia Commons)