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Girls of the Internet Is Not Who You Think It Is

Stream the surprisingly lo-fi debut EP from WNCL's mysterious analog group.
March 5, 2014, 11:14pm

The name "Girls of the Internet" is misleading. The Girls of the Internet aren't meme-centric Twitter personas who leverage their social media followings in an attempt to make a career as a mediocre DJ/producer—in fact, they seem like just the opposite. They're staunchly low-profile gear nerds: the Girls of the Internet Facebook page boasts only 55 likes, they've got just over 100 followers on Soundcloud, and the press release announcing their first EP contains virtually no information besides the fact that they "come from the countryside" in Britain and use hardware to make their music. However, they do have a goofy sense of humor, as the mysterious group's name suggests. The tracks on their Masking EP—which is out this week on West Norwood Cassette Library—have names like "Prostate Exam," and they cheekily posted the negative feedback they received from other DJs on Facebook.


That being said, the music speaks louder than the group's understated-yet-snarky persona. Its debut EP contains four minimalist analog house sketches, each of which draws from a barebones template of blurry beats, squiggly acid basslines, white noise, and hooting synths. Stream Masking in full via the player below.

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