And Gallery Is Fostering a Groundbreaking Contemporary Art Scene in Jackson, MS | #50StatesofArt


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And Gallery Is Fostering a Groundbreaking Contemporary Art Scene in Jackson, MS | #50StatesofArt

What it's like working in a corner of the country where independent arts organizations are rare.

Independently-run art galleries are rare in Mississippi—even in Jackson, the state capital, where And Gallery makes its home. Co-run by artists Tyler Tadlock and Adrienne Domnick, the space was started with the intention of creating a new venue to help foster a contemporary art scene and encourage emerging artists both in Mississippi and in the deep South. "Arts education in our state is massively under-appreciated, and the 'art world' that exists in other places is, a lot of the time, inaccessible to working class people and working artists themselves," Tadlock tells Creators. The two founders wanted to open a space in which visitors could engage in open discussion about artworks they were showing, and learn from them in a "not-so-institutional and more inviting setting."


Images courtesy of the artists.

Tadlock and Domnick believe in the power of art as an instrument of change rather than as a commodity. The gallery operates on the premise that thoughtful art can be a catalyst for meaningful discussion in an area that desperately needs some creative problem-solving. As an artist and a curator, Tadlock sees it as his job to "emphasize and realize the power of creative ideas around real world issues."

The gallery currently has an interdisciplinary art show called March Forth, an exhibition of works that asks the viewer to closely examine the turmoil present in ongoing sociopolitical events. In addition to the work by Tadlock and Domnick themselves, the exhibition features artists from Chicago, Memphis, and Jackson, each representing an issue relevant to our country's current political climate. March Forth focuses on issues like criminal justice, immigration, civil unrest, racial justice, feminism, religion, LGBT rights, and gun control.

This is the second show put on by the gallery since last November—and since the US presidential election. March Forth is up now and will run until April 15. And Gallery is open on Saturdays only, from 11 AM to 5 PM, and for special events throughout the week.

For more information about And Gallery, head over to their website.

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