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Uber Will Make Results of an Internal Sexual Harassment Investigation Public

The company has been taking heat lately after a complaint from a former employee.
March 22, 2017, 5:55pm

Uber has been the focus of plenty of criticism lately. If you've somehow managed to avoid the urge to delete this app, here are some highlights: questionable ethics surrounding treatment and pay of drivers (or, you know, the possibility that the company might replace them with self-driving cars eventually); accusations of trying to profit off an immigration-ban protest; its controversial CEO, Travis Kalanick, having ties to Donald Trump and getting caught on video being a dick to one of his company's drivers.


On top of all that, the ride-sharing company had yet another new scandal to deal with in December: A former engineer at the company made sexual harassment allegations against Uber in a public blog post. Now, the company has said that it will be making the results of the resounding investigation public, Fortune reports.

"Whatever the investigation finds will be honored by everyone at Uber," board member Arianna Huffington said during a call with reporters. Former US attorney general Eric Holder is heading Uber's internal investigation into the matter, and the results are expected to be released at the end of April.

The former Uber employee who made the sexual harassment allegations on her personal website, Susan Fowler Rigetti, described multiple concerning experiences at the San Francisco–based tech company:

"It was clear that he was trying to get me to have sex with him, and it was so clearly out of line that I immediately took screenshots of these chat messages and reported him to HR," Fowler Rigetti wrote. "I was told by both HR and upper management that even though this was clearly sexual harassment and he was propositioning me, it was this man's first offense, and that they wouldn't feel comfortable giving him anything other than a warning and a stern talking-to."

Huffington told reporters that she does not expect Kalanick, whom she has called the "heart and soul" of the company, to step down as CEO as a result of the investigation. "It's not something that's been addressed because it has not come up, and we do not expect it to come up," she said.

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