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Grand-Pop's "Nova Scotia" Will Give You a Sore Neck and Throat But in a Good Way

Here's what can happen when you enter a damp room with export lager, a reasonably serious asbestos problem and a single guitar riff.

"In a damp cave in Bristol, armed with export lager, a reasonably serious asbestos problem and a single guitar riff, Grand-Pop was born." At least, that's what we're told. Formed from current and former members of The Attika State, Caves, Personal Best, and Attack! Vipers! under what were clearly creatively vibrant circumstances, the local punk supergroup have finally decided to unleash the results of eight evenings spent writing songs and necking Red Stripe five years ago. The finished product is appropriately titled Eight Nights and we're premiering "Nova Scotia" from it below, which is accompanied by some good old Rival Schools-lookin' artwork.


With a driving pace that will cause you to leave a gig with a sore neck and ripping don't-try-this-at-home vocals, "Nova Scotia" combines swooping melodic choruses and longing lyrics in a way that positions them somewhere between Superchunk and The Weakerthans. But you have ears, don't you, probably, so don't let us tell you what it sounds like. Please enjoy the rock music for yourself below:

Eight Nights will be released via Specialist Subject later this month. Cop it here or here and catch them on a UK and Spain tour in the following places:

30 March - The Stag & Hounds, Bristol
31 March -Portsmouth, TBC
1 April - The Montague Arms, London
2 April - Brighton, TBC
6 April - Bilbao, TBC
7 April - CSA La Rampa, Barcelona
8 April - Wurlitzer Ballroom, Madrid

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