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This DJ is Literally Going to Kidnap You and Take You to A Rave

Even Liam Neeson won't come looking for you.

When you're a frequent clubber, you end up hearing a lot of grievances from fans who misspend their nights out: "Ugh! I would have way rather heard some credible, sometimes progressive, often techy house records;" "Oh my god, we weren't even blindfolded and thrown in the back of a blacked-out bus to an undisclosed location;" "Can you believe that we just spent six hours at a rave that wasn't buried in an alpine pass?" You may not know just how common all three of these complaints are. Rest assured, there is a solution; Hot Since 82 has the answer.


Between April 6 and 11, an undisclosed number of fans will be taken from Snowbombing, a popular five-day festival in Mayrhofen, Austria, thrown in the back of a blacked out bus, and driven to a secret location. At this point, you're probably wondering if we're making this all up. Let the official trailer convince you.

If this all looks rather farfetched, that's because it is.

The first TAKEN happened in August last year, when a few dozen Londoners were stuffed into a coach by several men in gasmasks. From there, they were led to a red brick courtyard in god-knows-where, plied with a few drinks, and treated to gloriously sweaty party in a nearby warehouse. The video from the event is even more surreal than you think.

Details on the upcoming year's editions of TAKEN remain scarce, but it will be going worldwide and (disappointingly) won't feature a guest DJ set by Liam Neeson.

Register for TAKEN: Snowbombing here.

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