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The Tight Squeeze Issue

The March Issue of VICE Magazine Is Now Online

There's a profile of Vince Staples, a feature from Molly Crabapple on the fate of tens of thousands of refugees trapped in Greece, and more.
Ellis Jones
London, GB

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Welcome to the Tight Squeeze Issue, starring a very cute frog found in the Adirondacks on our cover. I'd suggest you get your hands on a physical copy: We embossed the image of the frog, so when you run your hand across it, you can get an idea of what the animal's tiny bumps and contours might actually feel like.

The very talented Bobby Doherty snapped the picture, and fun fact, he used to intern here at VICE years ago and has since gone on to greatness as the staff photographer at New York. You'll also find a portfolio of his new work—an assortment of fun, colorful, and bizarre diptychs. We have another portfolio by esteemed Magnum Photos member Peter van Agtmael as well, who shared a sneak peek of his upcoming book, Buzzing at the Sill.


For our feature well, there's a piece by contributing editor Molly Crabapple on the fate of the tens of thousands of refugees trapped in Greece; an investigative article by Gabriel Thompson on how Hawaii is sending hundreds of inmates to for-profit prisons in Arizona, and how the murder of a mentally disabled 21-year-old inmate suggests the pipeline might have an accountability problem; and an excerpt from Norman Ohler's much-talked-about book Blitzed, which—among other things—explains how an assassination attempt helped ignite Adolf Hitler's cocaine problem.

We also have a profile of the unconventional rapper Vince Staples, a Q&A with feminist icon Gloria Steinem, a news piece that goes inside the fight for hemp and cannabis legalization in Malawi, and a travel story about a history lesson aboard a German warship in Tanzania.

There are, of course, our recurring columns, too. For Classified, Jason Leopold discusses a cache of recently released documents from a famous plane-hijacking case gone cold; for the infographic, Haisam Hussein breaks down global lotteries by the numbers; and for Spotlight, photographer Robin Hinsch captures the ongoing war against ISIS in Iraq.

There's much more… And don't forget: You can get the magazine (100-plus glossy pages) delivered to your doorstep each month by subscribing.