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VICE Future Week

Welcome to VICE Future Week

It's time we got our heads out of the apocalypse mindset so that the future can become a "thing" again.

So, VICE Future Week – what is it? Well it's a series of blogs (or essays – that's how I've explained it to people who I'm intimidated by) about THE FUTURE. That's pretty broad – it's the future, it lasts forever, it's about as broad as you can possibly get – but it also gives us an excuse to write about things we think are interesting and make a big deal out of them.

Maybe we're doing it because after 2012 ended without an apocalypse, the future became a "thing" again. The more paranoid of us have had our heads stuck in apocalyptic thinking and dystopian angst since 9/11 and frankly, unless you're a conspiracy theorist or a stoned UK rap guy from 1999, we have all got to get over that. Aren't you so sick of everything being so bleak?


On a more practical level, we decided to put this together because when we were sorting out our Tenth Anniversary Issue, we looked backwards so hard it hurt our necks. Warren Ellis wrote this great piece about 2022, and Adam Curtis told us what the future of news is gonna be, and that was inspiring. So here we are.

This is a week with a whole load of articles for everyone to read, about things like sex and architecture and political correctness and drugs and Africa. I think we've compiled about 20 articles and they're all really good.

Alex Miller,
Editor-In-Chief, VICE UK.

PS: We're well aware that VICE Future Week isn't a brilliant name, so you're just going to have to come to terms with it as we have. PPS: I'm also well aware that some of these articles may touch on "bleak"; despite what I just said above. But on the whole, we're feeling good about the world. Or at least enjoying it while it lasts.

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