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The Skinny on the ‘Leaked’ PS4 Slim: It’s Skinnier, Obviously

Is there another new PlayStation imminent? The internet says: yes, probably.
August 22, 2016, 9:50am

Photograph via Twitter


Eurogamer went to the guy who claimed to have one's house. And he does. Watch the video below.

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If you, like me, own a few games consoles, arranging them underneath your TV can be testing. Some won't stand sideways; others simply refuse to be stackable. And space down there is always at a premium, when you live in a household where leaving trailing wires and control pads scattered around the place simply isn't acceptable. Everything needs to be in its right place. And slimmer, smaller models of these machines help the jigsaw fall into place.


After the release of Microsoft's Xbox One S earlier this month – a smaller, totally whiter version of the original Xbox One, a console substantial enough to puncture the hull of a small yacht if dropped from waist height – comes Sony's own shrinking of its current-gen hardware. Apparently, anyway.

The photos above, which come via Twitter user @shortmaneighty2, have been widely circulated as evidence that there's a (500GB, boo) PS4 Slim imminent, perhaps to be announced at Sony's PlayStation Event on September the 7th – the same time and place where the world is anticipating a formal presentation of the much-rumoured PS4 NEO, a more powerful PS4. So far, there's been no official word either way on whether or not this Slim is the real deal. But there's no smoke without fire, as the saying goes, and the buzz around this Slim is properly blazing out of control at the moment.

We also know that Sony will release a new version of its standard PlayStation 4, in one form or another, as reported by the Wall Street Journal yesterday. Is this it? Sony's not released any specs, but it all seems to makes sense.

The photo below, which comes via NeoGAF, shows the "Slim" console up close. Does it look legit to you? It definitely appears PlayStation-y, and is certainly smaller than the PS4 I've got here, its fan making a racket like a fighter jet trying to reverse park in Aldi. It's unlikely that we'll be waiting any longer than September the 7th to find out more – which is more than can be said for the NX. Seriously, Nintendo: what's keeping you? (Okay, so that'll probably happen in September too, but y'know, the radio silence on it right now is murder.)

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