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Fetty Wap Doesn't Sound Too "Different Now" on His New Single, Is Still Pretty Good

Don't let this get lost in the 'Endless' discussion!

Releasing a comeback single a few hours before the most confounding album rollout of the decade comes to a close(?) may not seem like a great idea, but Fetty Wap has always followed his own course. Plus, those career decisions have landed him a bazillion hits so who are we to argue?

What's striking about "Different Now" is how, uh, not different it is from Fetty's established style. He's still using that oddly endearing blare of a voice to spin his rise to fame into catchy melodies. The only departure here is when Fetty settles into a breathier, higher-register croon in the second half that may have you checking to see if you missed a "feat." credit somewhere. In any case, this guy does what he does, and he does it pretty good! Listen to "Different Now" below.

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