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Dendritic Arbor and Infinite Waste Team Up to Grind Your Guts with a Short, Savage New Split

Stream the noise-laden new split release from Pittsburgh's Dendritic Arbor and Oakland's Infinite Waste.

Dendritic Arbor / Photos courtesy of the artists

Dendritic Arbor might be one of the most prolific groups in the extreme underground in the United States right now. With an average of two releases each year since their 2013 debut, Sylvan Matriarch, these psychedelic blackened grind innovators manage to balance quantity and quality brilliantly. On their new split release with Oakland grind group Infinite Waste, Dendritic Arbor expands on the queasy noise-laden formula that made last year’s Romantic Love so potent.

Dendritic Arbor’s three contributions consist of two more conventional songs which bookmark an untitled, free form noise piece. It’s a balance that works nicely for the kind of unease the band crafts. While “Ishi” is a great lead-in, it’s “Snake Oil” that really showcases the band’s spastic skill in all its unsettling glory. The ten minutes of their side run by quickly, but this may require multiple plays to process due to its bizarre, ugly structure.


Infinite Waste

Infinite Waste’s two contributions here are nothing to scoff at, either. For all the angular confusion of Dendritic Arbor’s approach, Infinite Waste skip all pretense and experimentation in favor of pure ferocity. It’s a pairing that works seamlessly, and with just over five minutes of material, Infinite Waste may not meander quite so much, but they deliver enough variation to show how appropriate it is to bring these forces together.

This split is the debut release from new label Gloom Pit and will be released on August 26 on seven-inch vinyl, cassette, and CD in order to please collectors of every nature (preorders are live now). Check out our stream below and select your preferred format to bring this little slab of ugliness into your own world.

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