Watch the 'Twin Peaks' Cast Say Infuriatingly Vague Things About the New Season

"We knew it was going to be something special, we just didn't know in what form, or how," says Kyle MacLachlan.
October 18, 2016, 9:30pm

Twin Peaks may be coming back, but details about its return are still about as mysterious as the White Lodge itself.

Here's what we know so far: The show is coming to Showtime in 2017, and basically everyone who's still alive from the first iteration is involved—that is, minus the Man from Another Place, Joan, Donna, Sheriff Harry S. Truman, Annie Graham, Leo Johnson, and Catherine Martell, or the actors playing them or whatever.


The new cast will also include everyone from Amanda Seyfried, Sky Ferreira, Ashley Judd, Sharon Van Etten, Tim Roth, Tom Sizemore, Naomi Watts, Laura Dern, Jim-fucking-Belushi, and way, way too many more people.

We also know it was shot all at once from one single script and then later cut into what IMDB claims is 18 episodes; we know that Mark Frost has insisted that it is not a reboot, but a continuation; we know that Bowie was going to reprise his role of Phillip Jeffries before he died; we know the Log Lady was maybe going to tell us what her log saw that night, but Catherine E. Coulson died.

The new Twin Peaks teaser Showtime released Tuesday doesn't give us any new insights, but it does offer up some juicy behind-the-scenes footage of the original cast talking about how it feels to be back on set. Most of it is pretty vague, though, and we're left with a lot of questions.

The last time we saw Special Agent Dale Cooper, he slammed his own face into a mirror, and Bob smiled out at us from those once-gentle eyes. Is Bob still in there? What the fuck is going on with Special Agent Dale Cooper? Has Albert's resolute pacifism won out over the fact that he's a fucking dick? Has Bobby Briggs lived up to his father's vision of light, or is too busy turning shit upside down? Did Major Garland Briggs ascend to the White Lodge? Is it peaceful? Is he finally in a place deserving of a soul as pure as his? Are the huckleberries particularly fresh?

We'll have to keep waiting if we want some answers. For now, let's rock.

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