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Hey NYC, Come Check Out the 2016 VICE Photo Issue Show

Come by Industria Superstudios in Williamsburg on Saturday between noon and 6 PM to check it out.
September 23, 2016, 4:36pm

Back in August, we released our 15th annual photo issue of VICE magazine. It pulled together some of the best female photographers hustling today—featuring everyone from award-winning photographer Jill Freedman, to 21-year-old Izumi Miyazaki—and it's one of the best we've put out, if we are allowed to toot our own horn for a second.

Elizabeth Renstrom, our intrepid photo editor, printed their incredible work out on glossy, oversize pages that we're all impressed to have lying on our coffee tables when we bring a Tinder date over or whatever.

This weekend, in honor of the issue's release, VICE has put together a photo show in Brooklyn featuring all the work from the issue at Industria Superstudios on South 5th Street in Williamsburg. We'd love it if you dropped by on Saturday between 12 PM and 6 PM to check it out.

See you there!