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Vice Fashion - The Essex Flames Cheerleaders

Photos by Linda Brownlee Styling by Abigail Smith
PHOTOS: Linda Brownlee
STYLIST: Abigail Smith Hair: Naoki Komiya
HAIR: Naoki Komiya
MAKE-UP: Hiromi Ueda
PHOTOGRAPHER'S ASSISTANTS: Baud Postma and Hannah Leigh Mackie

Pompoms cheerleader’s own

Vest by Rip Curl, leggings, shorts and headband by American Apparel

Top by Element, skirt by Killah, leggings by American Apparel, shoes by Rip Curl, gloves and socks stylist’s own

Cheerleader’s own


Hairband by American Apparel

T-shirt by Rip Curl, swimsuit by Nike, shorts by American Apparel

Hoodie by G-Star, black and white top by Fornarina, everything else by American Apparel

Top by Nike, vest by Rip Curl, everything else by American Apparel

Top by Rivington, leotard and leggings by American Apparel, belt and socks stylist’s own

Cheerleaders’ own