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A System Outage Stranded Tens of Thousands of Air Travelers

It's a really bad day to fly Delta, guys.
Photo via Flickr user Aero Icarus

A power outage at Delta's headquarters in Atlanta has thrown the airline carrier into disarray Monday morning, grounding flights and stranding passengers in airports worldwide, NPR reports.

The outage is affecting Delta's check-in kiosks and flight-status screens. Delta agents at airports began manually checking passengers in, but flights that weren't in the air when the 2:30 AM outage took place were grounded. Flights currently in the air are reportedly operating normally and weren't affected by the outage.


Delta released a statement addressing the outage, saying that while a limited number of flights had begun to take off again by 9 AM EST, "large-scale cancellations are expected." The company has released a waiver for all customers flying this week.

Nothing brings people together like a major airline dropping the f*ckin ball. — KIMRIE LEWIS-DAVIS (@iamKimrie)August 8, 2016

Delta passengers in airports around the globe are reporting chaos and confusion. "Counter agent says she doesn't know flight status," one would-be traveler tweeted. "They're instructed to check everyone in and wish us luck."

"I was told Delta meant… don't even leave the airport," another wrote.

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