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Drug-Related Photoshop Art - Tao Lin Retrospective at the Whitney

August 16, 2011, 12:00am

A 32-year-old "aspiring artist" (currently supporting himself by walking dogs for a company specializing in toy poodles) in the Whitney Museum of American Art on April 21, 2019 staring at [area of wall between "Extreme close-up of a 30mg Adderall" and "Extreme close-up of a 30mg Oxycodone"] thinking variations of "I fucking hate you…" and "I fucking hate my life…" while catatonically aware, with increasing fear and a sensation of imminent fearlessness, that he is 15+ rooms "deep" into a 26-room Tao Lin retrospective and that it may not be possible for him to "get outside" before "completely losing control," even if he picks up both toy poodles and runs toward the exit, because between his current position and the exit there will be hundreds of framed Tao Lin pieces (or "pieces," as Lin calls them) in every direction and the peripheral sight of any of them will likely "set [this man] off" on a mechanical rampage of repeatedly headbutting and kneeing and punching holes in pieces while shouting nonsequiturly xenophobic content in an exponentially worse repeat of the horrible embarrassment of two weeks ago, at this retrospective's opening, when six videos,* all of which immediately "went viral," were recorded of him standing alone in front of "Harry Potter…" loudly muttering negative commentary for more than three minutes (while surrounded by a semi-circle of people that seemed mostly to be grinning in a kind of approval despite the shocking language of the intense mutterings) before realizing what he was doing and then walking quickly away in an arbitrary direction, into an elderly woman, then into another person, feeling increasingly dizzy and confused and ashamed and genuinely apologetic as he bumped into dozens more people in the resulting seven-minute-struggle to navigate himself through an exit that he later learned was less than 30-feet from his original position.


*the longest video was 18 minutes 24 seconds and ended with the man descending into a subway station at 68th Street


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