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A Guy Duct-Taped Two Kids to a Chair and Made Them Watch a Movie About Abusive Parents

It was some real blue-collar Clockwork Orange type shit.
September 3, 2015, 7:03pm

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Babysitting is a terrible job. Kids are greedy, sociopathic monsters with unchecked ids who will trample all over you if you give them the chance. Glenn Oliver presumably knew this, which might help to explain why he allegedly decided to duct-tape two boys to their chairs and force them to watch Mommie Dearest, the biopic about Joan Crawford's abusive relationship with her adoptive children.

According to records obtained by the Hollywood Reporter, the children's mother explicitly told Oliver that the children had to watch the movie, and Oliver wanted to make sure he held up his side of the bargain. Considering the kids are kids—six and four years old—they didn't feel like sitting down for the entire film, which Robert Ebert once called a "painful experience that drones on endlessly."

Since they didn't want to sit peacefully, Oliver opted to pull some blue-collar Clockwork Orange shit on the children, allegedly duct-taping their "mouths, wrists, chests, ankles, and heads."

The duct-taped minors were spotted by a neighbor, according to KETV, who rescued them from Oliver and the terrible film. When he was arrested, Oliver still didn't understand what the problem was, and reportedly told an officer involved with the case that he "didn't think [the tape] was that big of a deal."

He currently faces charges of child abuse and false imprisonment, and probably didn't even get to finish the movie.