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VICE Exclusive: Handsome Eric Is Dublin's Teenage Bedroom Pop Virtuoso

The 18-year-old sings atmospheric bedroom pop in his deep, melancholic drawl.

Handsome Eric is one of the best new artists I've come across on the vast labyrinthine world of Bandcamp, and he's only 18. Handsome Eric is the project of Stephen O'Dowd, a kid from Dublin who records in his college dorm room. His pop songs are atmospheric and interesting, topped with O'Dowd's deep, melancholic drawl.

He's become a micro-celebrity in a tiny pocket of 4chan's /mu/ where people share Bandcamp links, but still has less than 200 likes on his Facebook page. His lyrics alternate between genuine feels and tongue-in-cheek wordplay, and his album titles are off-hand phrases like, "Nah, I'm Good," and "Oh, Cool." We're streaming his new EP exclusively until the release. Give it a listen.

Listen to more Handsome Eric on his Bandcamp.