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Searching for Refugee Housing in Berlin

VICE Germany explores what happens to refugees once they reach Berlin and gets an uncensored look at the city's inept housing accommodations and the hostels profiting from the growing crisis.

Fifty thousand refugees will have arrived in Berlin by the end of the year—roughly four times as many as last year. Every day volunteers try to help the hundreds of newcomers waiting to register outside the State Office for Health and Social Affairs find a temporary place to live.

In this video, VICE Germany explores the city's hostels, which have now degenerated into a permanent housing solution for refugees. While some hostels won't accept government vouchers, others have specialized in housing refugees by overcrowding people into small rooms to profit as much as possible. VICE Germany follows refugees in their search for housing and speaks with volunteers, hostel operators, squatters, and Berlin politicians to get an uncensored look into the inept bureaucracy that's causing displaced people to sit for weeks without stable accommodation.