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Chance the Rapper Covers Drake and Prays for Kanye West on BBC 1Xtra Live Lounge

Lil Chano performed "Feel No Ways" on Trevor Nelson's show, as well as a version of his track "All We Got."

Chance the Rapper, official Nicest Man in Rap, took some time off from the European leg of his Magnificent Coloring Tour today to stop by BBC Radio 1Xtra for a Live Lounge session on Trevor Nelson's show.

During the interview, Chance prayed for Kanye West after his recent hospitalization, saying: "I want to extend a very special prayer to my big brother, Kanye West. I know there's a lot of weird folks out there but you already know that I'm a hundred grand. I want to just extend this prayer and this love from all the way in Britain. We might come home early to see this man. Happy Thanksgiving." He then played a version of Drake's "Feel No Ways"—one of the standout tracks from this year's Views—as well as "All We Got", the first track on his album of the year contender Coloring Book. You can hear it all right here, from the 2hr16mins point onwards.

(Photo by Rob Loud via Flickr)