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Montreal's Planet Giza See No Evil In Raising Expectations For New Track "Put You On"

"We're getting to a point where we want to show the world that we're way more than just beatmakers."

Throughout the past several years Montreal has established itself as a hotbed for experimental production talent. Over the summer, the vibrant scene is reached its highest point yet with the release of Kaytranada's debut LP 99.9%. Among those making their way to the forefront of the movement are Planet Giza, a trio comprised of young producers Rami B, Dumix and Tony Stone. With their music being featured on Benji B's BBC Radio 1 show along with multiple plays on Soulection's weekly Apple Music program, Planet Giza are one of the city's most notable rising acts. The three artists bring a wide array of influences to the table, creating a sound nestled somewhere in between funk, disco, hip-hop, and trap. "You can find everything in what we do," Dumix explains over the phone. "Label it as party music," Rami adds, "that's really the main thing we're trying to push." Stone also dabbles with rapping, showcasing a diverse set of flows over the group's recent track "Warm Up."


Prior to forming Planet Giza, Dumix and Stone made music together under the moniker The North Virus. In 2013, while in their teens, they began working with Rami B, whom Stone met playing basketball. The first track they crafted together as a trio was "Old School Convertible" which they successfully submitted to be featured on Australian producer Ta-ku's popular mix series Drive Slow Homie. "Our first major moment was when we were played on Ta-ku's mix," Rami explains. "That's when we started getting a following." Inspired by their early success, they began booking shows and continued collaborating as Planet Giza.

In the time that has passed they've released two EPs along with numerous Soundcloud loosies. They're currently putting together a third EP, Pharon, which they plan on releasing in early 2017. The forthcoming project will mark a departure from their previous output as they plan to start adding features. "We're definitely trying to get more collaboration on this one since we haven't done much of it before," explains Dumix. The group have shared their first single from the EP entitled "Put You On," a hazed out arrangement that once again has Stone proving he can hold his own on the mic.

"This track represents a fresh start for us, we want this to be an eye-opener for the people" they explain. "For the past two years Planet Giza has been seen as three guys that simply make beats and we want to alter that perception. We're getting to a point where we want to show the world that we're way more than just beatmakers."

Dean Rosen is a writer based in Montreal. Follow him on Twitter.