Photos of New Zealand's Most Hypnotic Surf Break


This story is over 5 years old.


Photos of New Zealand's Most Hypnotic Surf Break

Be lulled.

When Sara Guix moved from Barcelona to Raglan she spent a lot of time sitting on the rocks by the ocean. To make money she'd take photos of the surfers then wait "hours and hours" until they came out of the water and she could try selling them. "Then I realised I was bad at marketing," says Sara. "I'd feel bad and give the photos to them for free."

She's wised up now, starting a business as a freelance photographer and videographer and working on commission. Sara is also spending a lot more time in the water herself. Most days she'll be out surfing at sunrise or sunset. "I work with social media and being on the water makes me disconnect with all that. It makes me feel free."


Raglan is known for having one of the most consistent and best breaks in the country. With four different spots, you can surf something like 320 out of 365 days. When the wind is just right, even sets roll in on repeat. On the day Sara took the top photo, she knew it was going to be one of those days. "I wanted to surf but I knew the swell was going to be perfect."

See more by Sara here. Out of a squillion entries, Sara's in the running to be a WSL ambassador in Hawaii. You can vote for her here.