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Form 696 Is Finally Dead

Good riddance.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has today announced that controversial/trash piece of paperwork, Form 696, has been scrapped.

The controversial legislation attempted to clamp down on crime at music events, but on the way it linked music with violence, and required any event which "predominantly features DJs or MCs performing to a recorded backing track" to submit the personal details of the performers and promoters two weeks prior. *Extremely sus face emoji.*


Ultimately, many thought that it predominantly negatively targeted black and Asian artists, some of whom were not allowed to perform after these checks had taken place. Anyway, after months of grappling, it's now been thankfully scrapped. Sadiq Khan announced the move on Twitter:

To find out more about Form 696 and just why it was bullshit, you can watch Noisey's film The Police vs. Grime Music:

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