Here's a 4-Gram Turkey Joint, Happy Danksgiving

Tony Greenhand can roll $1,000 joints, but today he made a personal turkey for the holidays.
November 24, 2016, 10:27pm
Images courtesy the artist

The Michelangelo of rolling joints is getting festive this Thanksgiving by producing a true masterpiece: the smokeable turkey.

Tony Greenhand is a Portland-based artist who makes a living sculpting made-to-order joints with a DIY look that could be easily mistaken for Tom Sachs bricolages. Far beyond the humble cross-joint, he's constructed smokable tacos, pineapples, Simpsons characters, a peacock with 12 joints for feathers, a posable Tommy Chong, a replica of the Space Needle, and a machine gun blunt that shoots tiny projectile joints. Greenhand has rolled for Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, and Chong, been featured on CNN and in Playboy and Vogue, and holds a record for rolling the world's largest joint—a 4.2 pound monstrosity decorated as a watermelon. High Times called him one of the world's best joint-rollers.


This Thanksgiving, Greenhand whipped up a tribute to America's most munchies-friendly holiday. He sculpted the bird, a miniature plate of greens, some crumble stuffing, and a tiny bowl of kief, and arranged the whole thing to look like the dankest mini-Thanksgiving ever. It took about two hours.

"I made it to smoke on my customary walk-before-Thanksgiving-dinner with my girlfriend," he tells VICE. "I'll be spending the day with her family. They don't smoke, but they know we do, hence the smaller turkey. Next year it's dinner at my place. I'll be rolling up the whole meal and there will be more than enough to go around."

If you want to attempt your own turkey joint, study some glory shots of Greenhand's bird below, and read about his creative process here.

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