Jennifer Lopez and Shakira Are Headlining the Super Bowl 2020 Halftime Show

The two singers will take the stage at Super Bowl LIV in Miami.
Queens, US
September 26, 2019, 10:28pm
Photos via Getty Images

"This is happening," can mean a lot of things, or it can mean nothing at all. But when Jennifer Lopez tweeted the phrase with the caption "02.02.2020," it could only mean one thing: J. Lo is heading to Miami for Super Bowl LIV.

Hot on the tails of critical acclaim for Lopez's portrayal of Ramona, the HBIC in Hustlers, it's not surprising that the world still wants to see Jenny from the block. Some of Lopez's standout moments throughout her career have stemmed from collaboration, and it looks like the Super Bowl isn't going to be any different. Shakira also announced her spot as a co-headliner, warning the world to "Get ready."

With the Super Bowl still months away, you've got to wonder what the two powerhouse artists will bring to the stage. The game is set to take place at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium, but will J.Lo and Shakira invite a lineup of Miami icons to drop in on their set? We want to live in a world where Uncle Luke, Trina, Trick Daddy, and Pitbull get to take their rightful place on stage together. Here's hoping the duo get these local legends to tap in, landing them on the right side of history.

Kristin Corry is a staff writer for VICE.