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Vikings-Rams Brawl Sees Fan Thrown Down Several Aisles of Seating

One Rams fan took to punching another Rams fan in the face—while defending a woman who was hit. Then got his ass thrown down several aisles.
Screenshot via TMZ Sports

No one expected the Minnesota Vikings to take a beating against the LA Rams last night, but they certainly did. An eventful Thursday Night Football game saw the Rams take and maintain a lead throughout the majority of the contest to remain undefeated at 4-0 with a 38-31 victory, powered by Jared Goff's 465 passing yards and five touchdowns. The Vikings, who just last year played in the NFC Championship game, now technically have a worse record than the Cleveland Browns at 1-2-1. Yoof.


But the Vikings weren't the only people in the Coliseum that would take a beating that night.

A pretty unusual brawl took place that saw not only a Rams fan defending a group of Vikings fans, but also saw that fan hurled down several rows of chairs by another Rams fan. Just check out this mayhem from a TMZ clip:

The brawl includes a woman getting hit in the face by the human-throwing Rams fan, the throwee Rams fan getting some solid punches in, beer getting tossed, and a woman getting her hair pulled. But the truly insane part is that the man who was thrown was somehow fine enough—after flying across what seems like four rows—to get up and continue talking shit to the dude who threw him. NFL fandom has officially descended into madness.

According to TMZ, several of the fighting fans were removed from the stadium. Impossible to tell who's playing contact sports nowadays.

[h/t TMZ Sports]