VICE Guide to Copenhagen - Refshaleøen

From the freewheelin bar Baby Baby, which builds water slides instead of power supplies, to progressive gourmet restaurant Amass, we meet the people who are taking over this abandoned industrial island.
October 1, 2018, 5:30am

Baby Baby is a bar, yes, but not like your bougie high street spot. There is a water slide, people go skinny-dipping, there is ramshackle furniture and an ambition to create a truly unique experience for the guest. The bar is one of hundreds of freewheelin startups which have opened in Refshaleøen, an old industrial island along Copenhagen’s harbour, which is fast turning into the most exciting spot for art, food and bars. We meet David Havstein, the owner of Baby Baby, and Matt Orlando, who runs the highly acclaimed restaurant Amass, to find out why these entrepreneurs are reclaiming space along the city’s waterfront.