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People can’t stop watching this American flag being beaten by Hurricane Florence

A metaphor for America?

North Carolina’s Frying Pan Tower did not take down their American flag ahead of Hurricane Florence — and it took a beating.

Perfectly placed in view on their Ocean Cam, millions across the nation watched as pieces of Old Glory were torn off by the intense winds.

According to their website, Frying Pan Tower is a Coast Guard Light Station located 34 miles off the North Carolina coast that has been converted into a bed and breakfast.


Some Twitter users went so far as to say the disintegrating flag was a metaphor for America.

Frying Pan Tower commented on the state of the flag via a post on Facebook, saying: “Hey folks, the last time we were out we put up a new flag. With respect, we will retire and replace it next trip. We see the tears and know that good men and women fought for America and are honored to fly Old Glory! Please understand, this is a hurricane. We are not on the tower and can’t go outside and replace it yet.”

By Friday morning, the winds around the tower had subsided and the broken, battered flag was replaced.

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Hurricane Florence make landfall Thursday, with the Carolinas taking the brunt of the storm. North Carolina is already experiencing flooding, according to CNN, with an area of 15,000 square miles expected to suffer hurricane force winds.

Two nuclear plants are also at risk of severe flooding.

“If you’re going to leave — and you should leave, if you haven’t yet —you should leave now… Time is running out,” South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster said during a press conference Thursday.

Cover image: A screengrab from the webcam on the Frying Pan Tower.