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Terry Crews Tells Desus and Mero How Comedy Changed His Life

The NFL player turned actor visited 'Desus & Mero' to discuss how he was able to let go of his anger and become a nicer person.

Terry Crews has been a comedy powerhouse for years, transforming his manic energy and intensity into hilarious scenes. But before the former NFL player discovered acting, he had a lot of pent up rage and pain stemming from his youth. He explained to Desus and Mero that leaving sports, which embodied his aggression and pain, and embracing comedy and therapy is what turned his life around for the better.


"Some of the funniest, [most] amazing people have had the hardest lives," he told the hosts on Monday's show.

During his interview, Crews also talked about Old Spice, working as Ice Cube's security guard, and growing up in a distressed Flint, Michigan.

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