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On The Line: Simon Ostrovsky and Claire Ward Discuss "Life After Guantanamo"

What's life like after Guantanamo? Simon Ostrovsky and Claire Ward answered your questions 'On The Line.'

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VICE News journalists Simon Ostrovsky and Claire Ward joined On The Line to answer your questions on their new piece "Life After Guantanamo: Exiled In Kazakhstan."

The lives of former detainees after they are released from the Guantanamo Bay detention facility has, for the most part, been shrouded in secrecy. When five former Guantanamo detainees were resettled to Kazakhstan in late December 2014, a senior official in the Obama administration was quoted as saying the ex-captives were now "free men". But what does that actually mean?


Simon and Claire traveled to Kazakhstan to meet a former detainee, and see the challenges of integration and the mysterious circumstances surrounding former detainees' basic rights and freedoms after being released from Guantanamo.

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