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Two Palestinians Killed After Another Stabbing and Fresh Clashes in Jerusalem

Four Israelis and 17 Palestinians have now been killed over the last 11 days, including a teenager who was fatally shot on Saturday after knifing two ultra-Orthodox Jews.
Photo by Abed Al Hashlamoun/EPA

The rash of stabbing attacks by Palestinians targeting Israelis continued on Saturday, with Israeli Defense Forces fatally shooting a teenager after he knifed two ultra-Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem. Another Palestinian man was also killed in a separate incident, bringing the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces to a total of nine in just two days.

Altogether, four Israelis and 17 Palestinians have been killed as tensions flared over the last 11 days in Israel, Gaza, and the Israeli-occupied West Bank.


Israeli police said officers fired on a 16-year-old Palestinian on Saturday night after he charged at officers with a knife in his hand following the stabbing attack in Jerusalem's Old City. Two Israelis were "lightly wounded" in the encounter and evacuated to a local hospital.

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The second Palestinian was killed after trading fire with police at the Shuafat refugee camp in East Jerusalem on Friday night. Hamas confirmed to Reuters that the shooter was a member of its organization. "The hero martyr fought the Israeli occupation with language they understand," Hamas said in statement.

On Friday, Palestinian demonstrators burned tires and threw rocks at Israeli troops on the Gaza border. Soldiers opened fire on the crowd, killing seven.

A video, reportedly captured in the West Bank's Beit El settlement on Friday, circulated on Facebook and Twitter showing an armored Israeli military vehicle firing tear gas and running down a young man who was hurling rocks in its direction.

The truck can be seen barreling over the young man before making a sharp U-turn and speeding away. The man stands up and runs from the scene, with his leg exposed through a large tear in his pants.

On Saturday, a Red Crescent spokesperson told Middle East Eye that 421 Palestinians had been injured so far that day alone. The humanitarian organization counted 20 injuries from live bullets, 102 from rubber bullets, and 301 from tear gas inhalation.

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