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Impact Work

A Switch to Renewable Energy Gives Power to the People

Wondering how your devices are powered? Well, it’s not a giant pink bunny beating a drum.

When it comes to how households in the United States get their power, it's clear business as usual just isn't going to cut it. Whether it's combating climate change or creating new jobs, we need a new approach and more individuals taking steps in their own homes towards moving the country to a new energy future.

Clean energy like wind and solar can be produced and shared locally which drastically cuts the needs for antiquated-coal guzzling or other fossil power plants of the past. Also, as clean energy jobs outpace the fossil fuel industry at five to one, renewables are quickly becoming the way of the future.

Several organizations want to make it easy for you to join the clean energy movement. The Solar Energy Industries has programs for installing solar markets in your communities for sweet, guilt-free, environmentally-friendly electricity. Also, think about getting into an energy co-op, which literally empowers you, your neighbors and local businesses to be energy independent. It may sound difficult, but the Community Power Network has simple tips for how to join one or starting your own.

America's energy future is a major political topic and active debates on what to do next are happening now. One of the best ways to get involved is to look at how your city or town powers itself and make your voice heard. You can reach out to your local lawmakers and voice your support of renewable energy. The Sierra Club has put together a campaign that gets mayors across the country to pledge their city or town's support of 100 percent clean energy. Making a difference, even at the smallest level, has an impact that could change the world.