Heidi Lawden Is Much More Than DJ Harvey's Manager

The dance music "den mother" and one of LA's best DJs, is this week's guest on Rave Curious.
July 11, 2017, 7:07pm
Photo courtesy of the artist.

Running off to London as a teenager meant that Heidi Lawden was hanging at the coolest clubs at an age when most ravers are still dreaming of big nights out from inside their parent's suburban homes. And Heidi hit the capital at just the right time, when the fashion-forward city was about to be overtaken by the acid house phenomenon.

"I thought the streets were paved with gold in London. And they were!" the self-proclaimed "den mother" told the Rave Curious Podcast about the club culture that would embrace her as a DJ and promoter during its 90s heyday of Ministry of Sound. That scene also led to her befriending heroes like Larry Levan and Masters at Work, as well as managing DJ Harvey, who she's worked with for over two decades.

Heidi dishes about those early days of clubbing as well as the now legendary story of her move with Harvey to LA and the career rebirth that has taken place for both of them over the past 15 years. She also addresses the very real battle of being a DJ versus working behind the scene for one of the world's most in-demand talents, and even spill some secret news about her charge's next project. Check it out.

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