Can You Tell Which of These Alt-Right Personalities Are Fake?

Some are actual neo-Nazis. Some are weirdos. And some we just made up.

In the months since Donald Trump was elected president, the alt-right has gone from being an amorphous group of incorrigible shitposters to an amorphous group of incorrigible shitposters with a growing audience, a prominent place in the media ecosystem, and a bunch of intra-group feuds.

All of a sudden, a 4chan obsession, a hazy relationship with the truth, and an utter lack of shame are all that's required to become internet famous, and lesser-known alt-righters have seized upon the movement's instability, jockeying for media attention and attaboys from their God Emperor. For many of these people, no attention-grabbing antic is over the line, and no publicity is bad publicity.


Below are the profiles of some of the rising "stars" of the alt-right, as well as some people who don't actually exist, to see if you can tell the difference. Which are real, and which are fake news? Answers at the bottom.

1. Jason Kessler

All images via fair use YouTube screen captures

All screencaps via YouTube

  • Loves Confederate statues so much that he punched a man while campaigning to keep them up. He claims it's about preserving history, not racism.
  • Was excited about new research indicating the first human ancestors may have evolved in Europe, not Africa.

2. Paul Joseph Watson

  • Once bragged that he was triggering people by drinking milk and eating sushi.
  • Denies that depression is a mental illness.

3. Nikolas Averin

  • Believes that businesses should be free to discriminate based on religion or ethnicity, even if that meant he couldn't go certain places as a Jew.
  • Became radicalized by David Duke's book while serving time for tax fraud.

4. Lucian Wintrich

  • Shot a "Twinks4Trump" calendar featuring photos of naked gay men wearing Make America Great Again hats.
  • Once referred to former White House LGBT liaison Raffi Freedman-Gurspan as an "unnatractive tranny."

5. Lauren Southern

  • Legally changed her gender to male to make a point about government forms being too easy to fill out.
  • Wrote a book denouncing Islam and baby boomers.

6. Kyle Chapman

  • Most famous for breaking a stick in two during a street brawl, earning him the moniker "Based Stick Man."
  • Currently trying to get a comic book made about a cool guy who hits people over the head with sticks.


7. George H. Hernandez

  • Gave ICE information that led to in a raid that caught five undocumented immigrants, one of whom was Hernandez's second cousin.
  • Has tattoo of Calvin peeing on the Clinton campaign logo.

8. Wesley Schall

  • Author of a Pizzagate-themed coloring book.
  • Was exposed for creating a series of "sockpuppet" Twitter accounts that purported to be run by gay black men who loved Trump.

9. Andrew Torba

  • Created Gab, an anti-censorship social media platform where everyone is free to call one another the N-word and wish for the eradication of Islam without fear of being banned.
  • Was once quoted as saying: "Take your morally superior, elitist, virtue signaling bullshit and shove it. I call it like I see it, and I helped meme a President into office, cucks."

10. Christopher Cantwell

  • Claims communists have taken over the Libertarian Party.
  • Has celebrated the deaths of cops.

11. Dr. Tim Abernathy

  • Gave a Ted X talk on how slave traders were the original "disruptors."
  • Created an "update" of the Confederate flag that incorporated minimalist, modern design.

12. Lana Lokteff

  • Believes the Holocaust is exaggerated.
  • Thinks non-natural clothing materials cause disease and started her own all-organic fashion line called Lana's Llama.

13. Nathan Damigo

  • Marine veteran who gained popularity after "falcon punching" a 95-pound woman in the face at a protest.
  • Robbed a cab driver he thought was Iraqi at gunpoint for $43.

3. FAKE - Photo actually of my friend Gille, who is not alt-right.
7. FAKE - Photo actually of my friend Arun, who is not alt-right.
8. FAKE - Photo actually of me, the author, and I'm not alt-right.
10. REAL
11. FAKE - Photo actually of my friend Max, who is not alt-right.
12. REAL
13. REAL