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Steph Curry Buries Tee Shot Right Into Golf Cart Cup Holder

But the Golden State Warrior guard later pulled off an impressive number of pars and a birdie to come away with an impressive first round.
Kyle Terada—USA TODAY Sports

Undisputed 2017 NBA champion of the world Stephen Curry is spending his off season like our president spends his on-season: playing a shit-ton of golf. But in his debut competing in a pro event at the Ellie Mae Classic—more on that in a second—Curry shanked his tee-off straight into the cup holder of a golf cart. We knew he was an assassin from long range, but that's pretty impressive, right?

Curry came on to the Tour's Ellie Mae Classic as a sponsor-exempt golfer, which essentially means that he's in an official minor league tournament as an amateur playing solely against pros, while doing some fundraising. Curry is listed with a 2.0 handicap, according to the Northern Californian Golf Association. So, not bad? Maybe he can win it all?


Let's drop into that first shot, shall we?

Oh lord. When the announcer talked about it getting "close to the cart path," apparently he didn't realize just how close. Because the Warrior absolutely drilled his tee shot into the golf cart like he was shooting from halfcourt.

ESPN's golf analyst Michael was on hand, and asked Curry what was going on, to which Curry responded, "I was God's right up until they said, 'From Alameda, California…' then I couldn't feel my hands!" It didn't shake him too hard, though, as he managed to pull off a bogey on the hole with an impressive on:

He's also nabbed a birdie after a boat-load of pars, and as of right now is sitting at +2 after nine holes. He rounded things out with this par putt on 18:

Not bad at all.