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Watch the 'Last Chance High' Boxset Free On All 4

We follow a group of mentors working at Chicago's Moses Montefiore Academy who are dedicated to changing the lives of at-risk students.
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'Last Chance High'

In 2014, filmmakers Brent and Craig Renaud won a Peabody Award for the VICE series Last Chance High, chronicling life inside the walls of Chicago's Moses Montefiore Academy, a public high school home to students struggling with emotional disorders. Now, you can watch the full box set of their eight-part, award-winning series for free on All 4.

In the series, we meet the school's most at-risk students and the administrators and teachers fighting to keep them out of juvie. It's frustrating for the staff to see their students fight, swear and storm out of class – but they might be the kids' last chance for help.

Watch the 'Last Chance High' box set free here.