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Clairmont The Second Shouts Out Toronto's West Side in Somber "44 Me" Video

"I want to be the guy to put this place on the map."

Toronto's Clairmont The Second has a history of striking visuals to accompany his equally striking music. His new clip for Quest for Milk and Honey cut "44 Me" scales back the ambition but ramps up the message, focusing on monochrome, scene-setting shots of distinctly west Toronto apartments and parks that Clairmont wanders around.

"I created a video that looked like how the song sounded," Clairmont told Noisey over email. "It was inspired by the west side of Toronto, my neighborhood, and the people on this side. The west side Toronto mentality is not represented in music like how the east side is, so being from Weston I want to be the guy to put this place on the map. Weston is my home." Watch "44 Me" above.

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