11 times Donald Trump sounded a lot like Alex Jones

December 14, 2016, 12:23pm

Alex Jones, radio host and founder of InfoWars.com, is known for promoting conspiracy theories. He has called 9/11 an inside job, suggested the Sandy Hook and Pulse Nightclub shootings were “false flag” attacks, and said Hillary Clinton is a “demon” and an “interdimensional invader.”

Jones and InfoWars have an audience of more than 6.5 million a month, including the United States’ next president. Donald Trump and his son Donald Trump, Jr., have both shared articles from InfoWars, and Trump Sr. was a guest on Jones’s show in 2015, where he complimented Jones’s “amazing” reputation. Trump reportedly called Jones to thank him for his support after the election.

Both Jones and Trump subscribe to many of the same fringe theories, for example that President Obama wears a secret “Muslim ring,” that Clinton took performance-enhancing drugs during the debates, and that Trump won the popular vote. While it’s impossible to say how much direct influence Jones has on Trump, the president-elect often raises certain conspiracy theories after they are disseminated by Jones and his fans.

The video above shows 11 uncanny overlaps between statements made by Jones and by Trump. As Jones himself said in August, “It is surreal to talk about issues, here on air, and then word for word hear Trump say it two days later.”