NASA Surprised a Homesick Italian Astronaut with a Pizza Party

Watch pizzas float like tiny UFOs through the International Space Station.
Meredith Balkus
translated by Meredith Balkus
Brooklyn, US
December 6, 2017, 5:00pm
Screenshot from Paolo Nespoli's video.

A version of this article originally appeared on MUNCHIES Netherlands. The internet is an inexhaustible source of videos you didn't know you found so addictive until you've lost an entire hour to watching them. Juicy food-porn videos depicting how to make pizza are an example of this, as are tutorials of astronauts doing everyday things like brushing their teeth or washing their hair in zero gravity. Combine those two types of videos, and you've got your favorite internet moment of 2017.


On December 2, astronaut Paolo Nespoli officially became the first man to throw a pizza party in space, tweeting the above video in which he and his fellow astronaut buddies made weightless personal pizzas. Of everything back on Earth, Nespoli had missed pizza the most and had casually mentioned his homesick cravings to the big boss of the International Space Station. As a result, mini pizza dough, tomato sauce, pepperoni slices, and ice cream were blasted into space on the Cygnus ship back in November.

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In the video, the men kick off the party by decorating the crusts, which spin through the air like tiny UFOs (apparently spreading the sauce over the dough was actually pretty difficult given that the pizzas tended to fly away), and top them off with olives and pepperoni. They proudly pose with their creations so that they'll never forget this magical moment.

NASA, if you're reading this: Please invite me next time.