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Donald Trump fully endorses accused child molester for Senate

At a rally in Penacola Friday night, President Donald Trump urged his supporters to get out and vote for Roy Moore, a man accused of molesting a child and sexually propositioning several other teenagers.

PENSACOLA, Florida — Roy Moore has gotten no stronger endorsement than the one he got from President Trump Friday night. Trump made it look like an aside during a stump speech. “This guy’s screaming ‘we want Roy Moore,’” Trump told a crowd in a minor league hockey arena just across the border from Alabama in Pensacola. “He’s right.” The president didn’t just say Moore was a potential political ally, which he’s said before. He didn’t just say voters can’t know the truth about allegations Moore pursued and sexually assaulted teenage girls in the 1970s while Moore was in his thirties — which he’s said that before too. Trump said it’s starting to look like those allegations are false. “Did you see what happened today? You know the yearbook?” Trump said. “Did you see that? There was a little mistake made, She started writing things in the yearbook.” Trump was reading the room well. Moore supporters were waiting in line before the Pensacola rally were talking about the revelation that Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson, brought to the public by famed feminist attorney Gloria Allred, had written part of a yearbook signature Allred had strongly suggested was written in full by Moore in the ‘70s. Nelson used the signature as proof of an encounter when she said Moore assaulted her. On Friday, she and Allred said Moore had still written the signature, but not the date and location written below it. They presented a handwriting analysis to prove that Moore had written in the yearbook. But Moore supporters looking for anything to support their belief that the numerous allegations of pedophillic behavior by Moore are false latched onto the amended story of the of signature. Trump was right there with them. “Gloria Allred … anytime you see her you know something’s gone wrong,” Trump said. There was a time when Trump was campaigning against Moore. That was in September, during the Republican primary for the Alabama special election. There was a time that Trump tiptoed around the allegations against Moore. That was back in November, when the allegations first emerged. And there was a time that Trump was supporting Moore solely because he was a Republican running against a Democrat. That was a few days ago. On Friday, Trump was a Moore supporter in full, backing him both as a Senate candidate and a victim of false accusation.


“Get out and vote for Roy Moore,” Trump urged the room. “Do It. Do it.”