Applebee's Debuts $1 Long Island Iced Teas in Bid to Get Us All Wasted

Call up crazy Aunt Wanda; it's party time!
December 1, 2017, 1:00pm

It’s been but two months since Applebee’s, a restaurant that wants you to know it is also a bar, launched its ambitious plan to offer bar-goers access to $1 margaritas that may or may not have been "mostly water." The chain has decided to parlay the Dollarita's success into another month-long campaign. For the duration of December, the chain announced on Thursday, it will be selling Long Island Iced Teas for $1 each.


A dollar!

Folks, it's time to forage for that loose, linty change in the crevices of your couch. Take a seat at “Club Apple” and get sloshed on a drink that is, according to a statement from the chain's vice president of beverage innovation Patrick Kirk, “kind to your pocket book” and potentially disastrous for your liver. The cocktail is what the chain calls a “new mix” of vodka, rum, gin, tequila, triple sec, and sweet & sour mix with a mere “splash" of cola.

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"This is an entirely new recipe with a new sweet and sour mix and new spirit blend, giving the taste profile of a Long Island Iced Tea that everyone loves with a fresh twist,” Melissa Hariri, a representative of Applebee’s, explained to MUNCHIES over email on Thursday when asked how this “new” mix deviates from the chain's old Long Island Iced Tea.

As of writing, the website the chain has set up for the campaign leads to an error message, but Hariri noted that it's set to go live on Friday when the campaign begins. Hariri clarified that the Dollar L.I.T. campaign extends to "approximately 1,750 Applebee’s restaurants nationwide," all but 3 percent of Applebee’s locations in the United States.

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Well, if you're lucky enough to be part of that 97 percent, mosey on over and get responsibly hammered. And if you're one of the predictable many who hates Long Island Iced Tea, congratulations on having a breathtakingly boring opinion.